Student Training and Action for Neighbourhood Development (STAND) is a service based training centre of St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, established in 1993 to take the fruits of education and research to the society. At large level, SXC conducts its curriculum based outreach programme through STAND. St. Xavier’s College Innovation and Incubation Centre (SXCIIC) is an educational start-up accelerator which connects the local community with the faculty members, researchers and students of St. Xavier’s College through collaborative ventures. Incubation of innovative ideas will become part of academic exercise of the College. The students, faculty members and the researchers of St. Xavier’s college will get guidance from SXCIIC. In addition, local people particularly villagers and farmers from STAND adopted villages will be registered to this centre. They will get appropriate intensive training and mentoring, networking opportunities and assistance to apply for funding.
SXCIIC will be launched in 2014.

The main aim of this incubation centre is to provide a common platform for the academic community of the college and the local community of Tirunelveli to discuss their ideas and transform them into developmental projects. SXCIIC will provide necessary infrastructural support, access to research centres of the college, assistance to apply for funding, mentoring and guidance to convert their ideas to socially and environmentally relevant projects within the defined thrust areas. The successful outcomes of the projects will be converted into start-ups on campus as well as in the STAND adopted villages. St. Xavier’s College has adopted this Incubation Policy to provide guidance and procedures for operational management. This policy is subject to periodic review and modifications.


To provide support and training for faculty members, students and researchers and people in STAND adopted villages who are interested in converting their ideas into start-ups which directly contribute to societal development.


The objectives of SXCIIC at St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai are

  • To connect academic community of the college with the local community through social developmental projects under LAB TO LAND initiatives.
  • To ensure exchange of innovative ideas among various disciplines.
  • To incubate interesting ideas with social impact.
  • To promote research with societal applications.
  • To provide a platform for collaborations between students, researchers and faculty members of various disciplines and to build sustainable projects of societal interest.
  • To create start ups on campus and in STAND adopted villages.

Thrust Areas

SXCIIC will support the innovators (academic community and local community) with impactful socially relevant ideas which have great potential to be a successful Social Enterprise. This centre is confined to the following thrust areas:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Women and Child welfare
  • Poverty
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environmental Management
  • Waste Management
  • Sustainable Employment Creation
  • ICT, etc.,

Eligibility Criteria:

Any student, faculty member, researcher, alumni or coordinators of service organisations of the college desirous of availing infrastructural facilities has to apply to Director of SXCIIC. He / She shall be called as incubate Promoter.

The start-up or innovation promoted by Faculty of St. Xavier’s College shall be governed by SXCIIC and approved by the College. Enterprises that are promoted by students in the college shall not be offered incubation if student is holding Executive position, however enterprises promoted by students are eligible to apply for incubation on a condition that student is not actively engaged with the enterprise beyond any engagement which may be permitted by the College.

An enterprise if it is promoted by regular Government staff or Management staff shall be granted incubation only upon submission of “No Objection Certificate” from the Principal of the College.

Target Group

Local community with preference to people in STAND adopted villages will be the target group. A special focus will be given to empower marginalized and downtrodden women in STAND adopted villages.


Faculty members, researchers and students or people in STAND adopted villages will submit proposal in consultation with SXCIIC to Non-Government/Government agencies for financial assistance.

The following infrastructural facilities will be provided in SXCIIC

  1. Separate building
  2. Open space to place experimental set ups
  3. Director room
  4. Meeting/Conference Hall
  5. Store room
  6. Laptops and Computers
  7. LCD projector
  8. White Board
  9. Home Theatre
  10. Printer (2)
  11. UPS (2)
  12. SONY Handicam Camera
  13. NIKON Camera
  14. Telephone (2) with BSNL connection
  15. Internet Connection
  16. Notice board