This Research unit was established during 2000. It was initially meant for M.Phil scholars to do their projects. This centre started as a fully fledged research unit in the academic year 2003-2004.

Works Completed
  • Fish feed formulation using non conventional ingredients for carps (Rohu) to produce cost effective feed.
  • Study on feeding energetics, food utilization and growth in larvae and adult carps.
  • Dietary supplementation of essential amino acids in larval feed for both fishes and freshwater prawn.
  • Conservation strategy through feed technology for endangered catfishes like Ompak malabaricus.
  • The life history traits, feeding schedule, reproduction and life cycle were also studied to reestablish their presence in natural environment.

Ongoing Research
  1. Experiments on ornamental fishes like guppies, mollies, tetras and yellow morphs are going on to understand hormonal influence on sex reversal.
  2. Studies on the use of probiotics as additives and supplementation of essential amino acids in fish feed formulations are being undertaken.
  3. Application of carotenoid supplements in feed formulation to enhance skin colour in ornamental fishes are in progress.
  4. Research work pertaining to culture of larval freshwater prawn is being undertaken to study the nutritional requirements.
  5. Effect of micro bound diets and digestive enzyme analysis in freshwater fish and prawns are being undertaken.
  6. Studies on the taxonomy, diversity and population dynamics of rotifers and laboratory culture using different culture media are also going on.


At present seven research scholars are doing their research work in this unit. All of them are teaching faculty members from nearby colleges. Two out of the seven joined in FDP programme in the academic year 2009-2010, of whom one has completed her Ph.D. and another is about to complete his research work. Thirty two M.Phil. scholars and 65 M.Sc. students have successfully completed their project work from this unit. Fifty research papers were published in research journals of national and international repute. Scholars of this unit are attending state level, national and international seminars/conferences/symposia and submit their research findings regularly.

Thrust area of research

Fish feed technology, feeding energetics, fish nutrition, growth and larviculture of fish & freshwater prawn.

Achievements of the unit
  1. Use of non conventional ingredients to formulate cost effective fish feed
  2. Recycling of bio-waste through fish feed
  3. Conservation strategy for endangered catfishes through fish feed technology
  4. Digestibility studies and digestive enzyme assay of fish and freshwater prawns
  5. Use of probiotics as additives in fish feed
  6. Sex reversal by hormonal supplements
  7. Body colour development in ornamental fishes by carotenoids supplementation
  8. Study of nutritional requirements in fishes and freshwater prawns
  9. Rotifer culture and supplementation as live feed

Future Plan
  1. Production of new types of fish feed through microbiological and biotechnological means
  2. Patenting the feed formulation and production technology
  3. Dissemination of fish feed technology to local aqua farmers for production of cost effective feed to promote aquaculture


Dr. T. A. Sethuramalingam