Department of Chemistry

In the year 1924, Rev.Fr. Hartenstein took the initiative to draw up the curtains on the Department of Chemistry at the intermediate level. His foresight coupled with the zeal of dedicated Fathers and Professor A.Srinivasan, B.Sc. Chemistry major was started in 1955. Under the guidance of Prof.P. Gnanaraj, Prof.S. Narasimhon, Prof.K. Pattan, Prof.D. Felix Packianathan, Prof.V. Rajadurai, the Department has flourished thus far..

During the leadership of Prof.D. Felix Packianathan, the Department took a giant leap and M.Sc Chemistry was started under self-financing scheme. The Department celebrated its golden jubilee during Prof.V. Rajadurai's headership.

At present under the leadership of Dr.S. Jesu Antony Diraviam, the Department enjoys the services of nine faculty members. Dr.S.Jesu Antony Diraviam and Dr.S.Augustine Thomas are doctorate degree holders, who have completed one minor research project each, and have presented research papers in national conferences. Dr.S.Augustine Thomas has published research papers in both national and international journals. Mr.V.Jeyabal and Mr.M. Nichodemus are working for their Mr.S.Stanly John Xavier will soon receive his M.Phil. Mr.V.Jeyabal is being guided by Dr. Augustine Thomas in his thesis in the area of phytochemistry. The under-graduate sector with a strength of 184 students has, pass percentage of 90% in the overall performance.

Thirty six PG students, under the able guidance of the faculty members, have excelled in their research projects, forming a part of their curriculum. The Department receives six national level research journals to assist the PG students in their project. The overall pass percentage in the PG class is 86%.

With five non-teaching staff to aid, the Department has two well equipped laboratories sporting instruments like UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Systronics), Vacuum desicator, electronic balance with 0. 1 mg accuracy etc.

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